“It’s a pleasure to take this opportunity to express my total satisfaction and most sincere admiration for the engraving and carving skills of the very talented Mr. Jose Valencia- “Artisan Extraordinaire”. – G.L. “Rex” Sayers, Collector  – Tucson, AZ


Custom produced masterly level – handmade skills – are almost a thing of the distant past.  During this last twenty years we have gathered an exclusive circle of talent that specializes in custom fine art personalization.  Our mission is to preserve and promote the continued value of high-end handmade art work, and what a thrill it is to have Jose a member of our circle.  One of the reasons that I formed this group was to give me the chance to tell the world just how great some of these modest artists really are.

It has been such a pleasure to promote someone who has both the artistic talent, and yet have such a great personality along with those skills. His work is superior, but his determination to “master” each piece of his work – is even stronger.  He has developed the type of persistent nature that will one day make him one of the best there is in the world.  There is more than one client who is making the bet that one day, owning a piece of Jose’s work will become extremely valuable.

I have seen it happen many times over the years of my participation in this very specialized artistic world and I will make a little bet with you (or anyone) that the demand on Jose Valencia’s time will grow quickly and in the not too distant future you will need a “place in line” to get anything signed and dated by this magically talented and expressive artist.

I have worked alongside this talented person and I can also vouch for his integrity, which in this custom world is worth its weight in gold.  What a person buys is not only something of beauty that will eventually become an heirloom, but they also buy (in a very special way) the heart and soul of someone who loves doing the work that they do.

Jose is one of the best of the best.

Hand produced artistic expressions greatly increase the long term value of any item.  You will never regret your commission of his talented hands.  As busy as most of us are, the only regret you might have is that you didn’t get it done sooner than later.

Dr. Lew Jensen

Founder and President