Who is this Master Gun Stock Carver Jose Valencia?


Jose Valencia - Gunstock Carver             ***WE HAVE MOVED***

The Jose Valencia Studio is now located in Destin, Florida in the beautiful beaches of The Emerald Coast on the Florida Panhandle, between Pensacola and Panama City Beach.

Jose Valencia specializes in Carving Ornamental Scrolls in Gunstocks.

He has created several unique designs that can be used to customize your firearms, adding value and beauty to them.

You can also provide him with your own designs, such as your company logo, family crest, or favorite wildlife picture. Jose will fit it to your gunstock or pistol grips.

Jose has also carved inlays of turquoise, cast ivory, and silver in several gunstocks and pistol grips.

He can also remove the checkering that was factory stamped on your rifle or shotgun and replace it with a fishscale or basketweave pattern. If your stocks are plain, Jose can carve scrolls or leaves on the forearm and pistol grip area for a more secure grip.

Jose’s work has been displayed at the following locations:

Winter Range in Phoenix, Arizona

Las Vegas Antique Arms Show, Las Vegas, NV

Crossroads of the West in Phoenix, AZ

Western Hunting Conservation Expo, Salt Lake City, UT

End of Trail at Founders Ranch, NM

Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show, Tulsa, OK

Saxet Gun Show, San Antonio, TX

Colt Collectors Association, Reno, NV

Arizona State Fair, Phoenix, AZ

Crossroads of the West, Mesa, AZ

Arizona Arms Association, Prescott, AZ

Crossroads of the West, Tucson, AZ

CCA-Houston1175pixHis work has been featured in the following publications:

SHOOT! Magazine, Dec 2006

The Rampant Colt – Official Magazine of the Colt Collectors Association, Fall 2007

Jose’s work has also been featured on the Outdoor Channel “COWBOYS” with Richard “Tequila” Young.

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